iMobile Electronics Repair - Repairs by Mail - Champaign, IL
iMobile Electronics Repair - Comprehensive Nationwide iPhone Repair
Nationwide Mail-In iPhone and iPod Repair  
At iMobile Electronics Repair getting your phone back to working order fast is our #1 priority. We stock the highest quality OEM grade parts and
guarantee a factory quality repair for your device. Most devices are repaired and re-shipped the same day we recieve it. 
If you need a loaner device, Please Click Here.
Contact us for a Repair Authorization Number(RAN):
1. You can call us and speak to our friendly staff at 1-800-307-1164
2. You can E-Mail us at
3. You can Purchase Our iPhone/iPod Diagnostic and Repair
Easy Steps to ship Your Device:
1. If your phone is still functioning please Sync and Back-Up to iTunes.
2. If possible please charge and turn off your device.
3. Remove your Sim Card.
4. Place your contact information and RAN with your device
5. Package your device and Ship (a Small USPS Flat Rate Priority Box with a 
    tracking number is recommended.)
iMobile Electronics offer our services via Mail-in Repairs.  Currently this is the only way most repair providers offer their services.  If you are out of our Mobile Service area but would still like to take advantage of our Full Service repairs for your mobile phone, Please either Call us at
1-800-307-1164 or fill out the form below for a discounted quote.  Most phones are repaired and reshipped the same day they are received. 
Sending your phone to a service provider can provide many challenges. There have been alot of complaints regarding some of the online service providers tearing phones down and not reassembling them before returning them to the customers un-repaired.  Another issue that we have heard alot is that phones return to the customer un-repaired and missing components, or with more issues when they were sent off making one wonder if their good components were stolen and swapped for junk. Therefore we have adopted the following policy.  We will treat every customer and every phone with respect.  Even if your device is found to be unrepairable, we want you to have a positive experience.  We will contact you as soon as we receive your device.  We will continuously update you with diagnostic information, repair quotes and time lines. Not knowing exactly what services your Online service provider is going to perform on your phone and surprising you with up charges is not our style.
We will not return any device to our customers in pieces just because it cannot be repaired.  We assure that every component of every phone shipped to us will be documented for serial numbers to guarantee that you will get your device back, including  mother board, just as it was received.