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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is your repair facility located?
iMobile Electronics Repair is located in the Church Street Square at 206 N. Randolph Street, Suite 502 in downtown Champaign.  We are in close proximity to the University of Illinois Campus, and are Centrally located in the City of Champaign.  When your telephone needs repaired give us a call or stop on by, many phone repairs are completed the same day. We also offer repairs by Mail.
I have a friend that fixes phones, why would I pay you more?
Here is the deal.  With the frenzy on smartphones these days, there are people coming out of the woodwork starting "Pawn Shops for Phones" and Coffee Shop Table Repair endevours.  We have repaired more than one of these repairs gone bad.  Yes they can save you a dollar, but they are usually uninsured and unlicensed operations that don't pay taxes and can quickly turn into a nightmare with one slip of their screwdriver.
We have been in business in Champaign for 5 years and approach our repairs with the skill and craftsmanship of a watchmaker.  It is not a skill that can be taught in days, or even months, and accidents and mistakes do happen.  Even to us.  We have replaced more than one device because of an unexpected sneeze.  Your device needs to be protected from electrostatic energy and this cannot be done on a table at your local coffeehouse. And you need to be assured that you will get your device back in good working order if something does go wrong.  No trades, no nonsense.
Ask your repair tech to lay $600 cash on that coffee house table, and see if he's willing to bet he will get it right. Or just call us.  40,000 devices repaired to date. 
I thought you repaired more phone models? Has this changed?
We have recently decided to concentrate our repair services on a smaller list of devices.  This change was brought on mostly by the large number of devices that our limited staff receives weekly. Other factors included the evergrowing number of Android devices being introduced by all of the phone manufacturers, the high cost of repair of most of these devices, a lack of available quality parts on some of the lower production models, and to save the time we were exhausting researching individual phone models for repair quotes. 
Currently we service iPhones, iPads, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Many Samsung and HTC devices, and select other Smartphones and Tablets. 
As always, you are welcome to inquire about your specific model of phone anytime.
Where are the Devices actually repaired?
All serviced devices are repaired inside our shop by our very experienced certified staff.   Our workstations are equipped with special electrostatic buffering equipment to prevent static discharge and ensure that there is no damage to your equipment. 
How long will it take to repair my phone?
While we cannot guarantee this to always be the case, typically most iPhones can be repaired in 45 minutes.  Phones are repaired as a priority over all other incoming devices, by appointment, or on a first in first out basis. 
How long will it take to repair my iPAD or iPOD?
Priority service is given to our corporate and school accounts first.  Typical turnaround time on iPads is 24 to 48 hours.  iPods typically see 48 to 72 hour turnaround time.  Although we try to provide a timely repair on every device we recieve, delays can occur due to unexpected and out of the ordinary peaks in volume, part shortages and out of stock parts from vendors. 
How can I get my iPhone repaired?
There are several ways to start your phone repair.  You can call us at 1-800-307-1164  Monday-Friday between 9:30a-6p and request repair. 
Or you can click the Contact Us Link and fill out the form. 
You can also email us at
or walk-in: 206 N. Randolph St, Suite 502, Champaign, Illinois.
Do you warranty your repairs?
All of our touchscreen digitizer repairs come with a One year limited warranty for defects and workmanship.  Go ahead, shop around. Most of our competion gives you a 30 day warranty, or no warranty at all.  We do not warranty any water damaged device, or any device that has been previously serviced by any other provider.
I have called or emailed  but have not received a response.
If you call during normal office hours and receive our voice mail please leave a message and we will make every attempt to return your call quickly. Normally we see our highest call volume on Mondays, and during the first two hours of business daily. If we are experiencing  a high volume of calls preventing our staff from getting to you in a timely manner, your call may be fowarded to our voice mail to prevent a long wait. Please leave a voice mail and we will get back with you as soon as possible.
If you have emailed us and have not received a response to your email, please check your Spam folder, or place our email address in your allowed folder.  Note .edu users will find their responses in Spam.
Can you repair any problem with my iPhone?
Yes.  Repairing your iPhone is our first priority, however doing it in manner that is cost effective for you is our responsibility.  There is no repair that we can't complete after your approval.
How much will I pay for Diagnostic service?
Our shop rate is billed at $7.50 per quarter hour for any device that requires dissasembly for diagnosis.  Water damage diagnostics has a $30.00 flat rate fee.   This fee is charged if a technician evaluates a device and a customer declines repair after diagnoses or if the phone is diagnosed as unrepairable.  This can be an advantage to many customers considering most high quality replacement parts are expensive, easily damaged and not returnable.    
Why do you charge for a service call if you claim my phone is Unrepairable?
Well first we have to define what we consider unrepairable.  Honestly the iPhone is never really unrepairable, however it is a fine line between what fair market value of a phone is, and how much it is going to cost you to repair.  Much like a totaled car we won't recommend that you invest $200 in a phone that is only worth $150 fair market value.  The mainboard, or logic board is of significant value in an iPhone and is what we consider the phone.  They are not reproduced, and are limited serviceable.  All of the hardware attached to that mainboard is just replaceable "stuff."  So if the mainboard goes bad, most of the time we will diagnose the phone as unrepairable.  Yes we can replace the mainboard, but the cost is significant and is market driven, and in our opinion is similar to jacking up a radiator cap and sliding a new car underneath.  In the end we will fix whatever you wish.   However regardless of diagnoses, we will have a significant amount of time and resources invested in the diagnoses of your phone, therefore we have to charge for service calls.
Another repair company claims to be able to fix my phone which you diagnosed as unrepairable, am I eligible for a refund?
Yes.  If you ever find another repair company that successfully repairs a phone that we have previously diagnosed as unrepairable we will refund your Diagnostic fee under the following conditions.  The phone must be repaired within 60 days of our diagnoses. The repair provider must be licensed, and provide you with a detailed work order with the same or similar complaint and diagnosis and provide an itemized parts list.  The receipt or work order must include the serial number of the phone repaired, and it must match the serial number of our service invoice on record stating the issue unrepairable.  Phone must be made available for inspection to verify repair.  No refund for replaced mainboards. 
Are you an Authorized Apple Service Provider for iPhones?
This is a touchy subject that most of our competition either doest acknowledge at all or gives a slightly misleading answer to.  The truth of the matter is that no third party company is an Authorized Apple Service Provider (AASP) for iPhones. Thats right, not one single company in the World is authorized by Apple to do third party repairs. Thats not to say that third party companies provide bad service. But many of the online competitors will claim to be Apple or Mac certified, however even a person who is an Apple certified Macintosh Technician(ACMT) is only certified to work on Macintosh desktop Computer systems. The only exception that Apple allows for third party iPhone repair is called iOS Direct Service Program, which allows for warranty work of iPhones owned by a business or government agency when they own at least 100 phones and service only the equipment they own, no third party repairs allowed.  And believe it or not, they require no special training or certification from the tech doing the repairs. In all reality 99% of all the repairs we complete are either out of warranty, or not a covered repair because of all the exclusions that Apple Care imposes.
There are a number of third party companies now offering their own version of an iPhone Certification.  But honestly we have all too often found that certification only verifies your ability to take a test and a test  rarely makes up for a wealth of experience.  Most of our techs have earned a level 3 certification that teach general software and hardware fundamentals on a generic format.  But our experience with iPhones is what makes us a great company.
Will I lose any of my data on my iPhone when I have it serviced?
Since the iPhone uses Flash memory, you should not lose any data even with a battery replacement.  We do strongly suggest to every customer that they Sync and backup their phones to their iTunes account prior to service if possible. We cannot be held responsible for lost data.
I have multiple issues with my iPhone, do you offer a discount for multiple repairs?
We do offer discounts for multiple services completed on the same device during the same service call. Please ask your Tech or Customer Service Representative for pricing options.
Why is a Touchscreen replacement on my iPhone 5, 4s  and 4 so expensive as compared to a 3g or 3gs?
The iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s front glass digitizer and LCD is once again manufactured as a modular unit.  Apple has used epoxy strength adhesive to adhere the LCD to the Digitizer .  This design change, which is similar to the the way the first generation iPhones were assembled was made to completely solve the issue with dust and dirt accumulating between the glass digitizer and LCD that plagued the previous two iPhone versions, plus it results in a much stronger more rigid assembly. So even if your LCD is not broken, it must be replaced with your touchscreen. We also go to great lengths to repair your iPhone 4 and 4s with the original 960x640 pixel resolution "Retina Display." Many of our competitors use a cheap lower resolution copy.  All of these contribute to increasing the cost significantly.
Beware of Internet sites and companies that attempt to sell you a cheap quick fix touchscreen digitizer without the LCD, and low quality grade LCD's.   These are a guaranteed waste of your money.
I tried to fix my iPhone myself and now its in pieces, can you come and fix it?
Yes. We understand better than anyone the tempting nature to save a few dollars and with the availability of You-Tube videos and the luring of inexpensive E-Bay parts, we see a lot of  incomplete DIY work where the customer didn't feel comfortable messing with the circuit boards and power connectors once they opened the phone or found their part was worthless.  It is also very easy to inadvertantly damage other components inside the iPhone when attempting to repair you own phone for the first time.  If you find yourself in this position please don't hesitate to give us a call.  It is possible to damage your iPhone beyond repair.  But if it is repairable, we will get it done.
I purchased my own repair part, will you install it?
We have found that the large majority of iPhone parts that are being sold online range from inferior to worthless.  We have dedicated a lot of time and research into purchasing the highest quality replacement parts for your phone repair.  Although we would encourage you to take advantage of our homework, we will install parts that our customers have purchased. We cannot however be responsible for defects, or problems with functionality of phones from these parts.  A flat rate labor rate will be charged for each installation or removal of customer supplied repair parts.
Can you Unlock and/or Jailbreak my iPhone for me?
We apologize, we no longer offer this service.